I have no Time for my Term Paper

Lately, more and more post-secondary and high school students have been using online writing resources to get their assignments done. This growing trend is a result of the high demands on young people’s schedules. Students who wish to hold time full time or part time employment while also attending school, and participating in extra curricular activities simply do not have enough time for their assigned coursework. Even though, many instructors feel as if these students should learn to prioritize their assignments, this simply is not the case. Young scholars, believing that they have found a way to outsmart the system, continue to hirer professional online writers to finish their term papers for them. Essentially the only people winning here are the writers, who services are increasing in demand. Those who believe that this practice is unethical have yet to offer an alternative solution- If only you can add a few more hours to the day.

Individuals who have been out of College for many years, or graduated from high school decades ago probably shake their head at this growing phenomenon. The modern generation of young people under 25, have grown up in a technological era where you have access to everything via the internet, including term paper writing services. Furthermore, these students have a tendency to expect instant gratification, without hard work a characteristic that has been common amongst today’s youth or Generation X. “I have no time for my term paper!” They say, as they delegate it over to a professional academic writing business.

Some would state that these students are being lazy, others may argue that they are actually being more resourceful choosing to hire an expert, who will likely land them a higher grade than what they could of achieved on their own. No matter how you feel about students hiring professional writers to do their homework the truth is- it isn’t going to stop any time soon because their is no way to catch, let alone discipline these individuals. In many ways it is really the responsibility of the student, who is choosing to rob them selves of a learning experience to be accountable to their choices. However, that said in many ways they are actually preparing themselves for a future occupation where much of the hard work is outsourced to others. Perhaps, these are just the business managers and CEO’s of the future stretching their legs.