How to get stared with your Essays

Getting started with your essay is sometimes the hardest part. It is the brainstorming process that gets in the way at times, and even how to proceed with the body of the work sometimes feel like pulling teeth. In order to avoid writers block, and to make sure you are constructing a good essay, it is best to use some forethought before trying to conquer your essay.

Here are some tips that are great for beginning your essay- consider this list the nuts and bolts of material, and the following plan as the base to constructing your essay.

  • Brainstorm- there are many ways to brainstorm, but sometimes it is best to throw a bunch of ideas on paper without any order or relevancy. Consider this a blank canvas and put as much ideas as possible on your practice sheet. Hopefully you will find a lot of varying ideas revolving around one theme. This is the equivalent to improvisation acting- you do not know what will come out, but roll with it.
  • Diagram- once you have your main idea at hand, take a look at your brainstorming paper and start to organize. A lot of ideas from the intial brainstorm will be thrown out, and that is okay. What is important in this stage is to boil down what you want to talk about in your essay. Once you are there, organize topics in different sections, exploring the idea in its entirety.
  • Thesis- Develop your thesis. Once you have all of your ideas organized, think of the main idea you would like to convey. Construct your thesis that is encompassing your topic. Your thesis should not be too specific, but also not too vague in that it is overreaching in the message.
  • Body work- Once you construct your thesis, mentally organize how you would like to unfold your following ideas. This is important to create a great flow in the body of the essay. Ways to prioritize what you will write about first takes into account chronology and relevancy.

These previous steps are great to for planning how your essay will turn out. It is best to do these steps before hand rather than writing yourself in a circle and trying to come back and fix it later. It seems like it is adding time and work to the essay, but in reality you will come to find that it is in fact a time saver, and should make your writing experience a much more enjoyable and organized process.