Vice President of Operations

Vice president of operations is an executive position that plays a vital role in maintaining company operations. In many cases, they may step in and run operations and carry on duties for the President of the company during their absence. They have a detailed list of duties that act as the backbone for maintaining daily operations to keep the company running efficiently. Many who hold this title have a Master’s degree in human resources and have experience working in different departments related to human resources management.

Holding a position such as vice president of operations provides a vast level of opportunity while being in high demand. There are top companies that pay individuals that hold this title a high salary making it a desirable occupation in modern society. Various complex organizations depend on the vice president to provide concepts and ideas vital to maintaining business competition and useful resources for company employees. A person with this position may have business experience, certifications within their industry, and advanced degrees that allow them to move higher up within an organization.

Job duties of the vice president of operations include coordinating, directing and planning operations that promote company growth. They may monitor company revenues, ensure operating efficiency in their target market area, and develop guidelines to promote growth among employees and job recruiting. Such individuals may work with other team members to develop plans to ensure future needs are met. Maintaining control systems and maintaining strong partnerships with company affiliates such as advisors and vendors are other important tasks carried out. As VP of operations they work closely with other leaders in the company including co-executives and department supervisors to ensure smooth work operations between departments.

Training for this position may vary depending on industry and educational requirements. Some that hold this position may have a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources related fields. Experience is helpful but it may not be necessary depending on duties required. Some employers may recommend the candidate has some form of higher education or degree in order to qualify. Individuals are expected to know how to budget, have keen financial management abilities, know how to structure training programs, have knowledge of current software or technical programs to help encourage company growth and advanced knowledge with leverage in their field. This is a great position for those seeking to move up the corporate ladder or want to advance to a higher position within the company.