Creating an elaborate Article Review: 10 vital Prompts

Article review writing is an analysis task. In review writing you have to analyze the content of article critically and then you have to write an evaluation or assessment article about the original article in your own words. Creating an article review is a skillful task; you have to be a good evaluator and critical thinker to write a good review of an article. Reviews of articles are written in order to give a brief introduction and over all idea of the original article. It is written for the ease of the audience or readers. If someone is interested in writing a long article or short story or a complete novel then before starting the complete read he/she would like to read its review first. The review serves the purpose of crux of the main article and it gives you to the point information about the article as a whole.

There are many ways you can apply in writing a review of an article. Many people face difficulty in beginning of the review. They get confused about the start and beginning of the review. Here in this article you are provided with 10 vital steps which you can follow in order to create an elaborate article review:

  • Headline:
  • The headline or title of the review must be catchy. It should be designed in way so that it grabs attention of the audience or readers in a single glance.

  • Pros of the article:
  • The first few sentences of your review must contain the plus points or pros of the original article. Your review must contain a rational that why a reader should read this article.

  • Do not Forget the Purpose:
  • You ought to add a descriptive purpose in first paragraph of your review that what is the core purpose behind writing a review.

  • Personal Touch:
  • You can add your personal view to the review in a very dramatic way so that it serves the purpose of dragging audience’s attention and interest toward your review.

  • Logical Argumentation:
  • Support your stance by giving logical and social examples or proofs.

  • Simple Language:
  • You should write a review in simple language and avoid ambiguity.

  • Body of the Review:
  • Mention important details in the main body of the review.

  • Visualizations:
  • You can add visual and attractive picture to your review.

  • Average Reading Time:
  • You can mention the average reading time required to complete the original article or novel.

  • Conclusion:
  • Conclude the review with potential productivity.