How to conclude the Article Reviews

Article reviews can be tedious projects. It requires you to read up on another person's product or paper and scrutinize each point provided. The content of your review has to be objective. Trying to stick to truths related to the paper, and interjecting little subjective statements will make for a successful review. While constructing the review you must provide helpful suggestions that will make the paper more successful. It is common for you to highlight, with examples, the good points in the paper. You will also have to point out the problem areas of the paper and provide helpful suggestions on how to improve the structure of the paper.

With the article review you have a introduction, body, and conclusion. A conclusion is merely a short summary of what was said throughout the paper. The only points that are relevant to the summary are the main points of the review. If structure is not your strong suite there are a number of ways to handle organizing your ideas, to craft a strong conclusion. The most effective way to structure your review is to read over your material. As you read over the material you have to make note of all the main points and concept of the paper. Jot down what you want your readers to get from the review, as well. From the list of main points you should craft the review. You can use a mapping or brainstorming tool to organize your thoughts.

A review should start by introducing, for the reader, again what you are reviewing. This should be followed by a brief description of the quality of the paper. This means to state if the paper was well written or lacked focus. Quality of content should be followed by areas that the writer excelled. Note what they did well. Was it the structure of the article or the narrator’s voice? Did the author use good imagery and make use of supporting facts and research, if applicable? If they did something right, highlight it. Then you should note what areas the author needs to improve upon with a helpful suggestion to wrap up the paper.

After concluding your paper, make sure you read over it. This is to ensure your review is free of typos and improper sentence structure. Your review of an article cannot be poorly written.