How to write a process essay properly

A process essay is a guide. In some ways it's like a roadmap or a recipe book. It shows the reader how to get somewhere or to do something. The range of topics available to the writer of a process essay is almost endless. Just think of any process or activity which somebody needs to learn or participate in, and there you have a topic for your process essay.

But just like any type of essay, there are proven steps to take in order to create a good process essay. In this case, here are the steps for a process essay.

  • Brainstorming is always beneficial.
  • An outline a plan is always beneficial.
  • Your first fact paragraph should include the equipment or tools required.
  • Remaining fact paragraphs give a step-by-step set of instructions.
  • Your conclusion or summary is a precis of all that has gone before.

Just because the topic of your process essay is easy, such as How to Wash a Dog, don't assume that you have all the required information. There could be some parts of the process you haven’t thought of but which are necessary for the reader to understand your explanation. That's why a brainstorming session can be a serious help. Just think of anything to do with dogs and keeping them clean and make a note of those ideas. Having someone else join you in the brainstorming session could be seriously beneficial. More heads make ideas bright and all that jazz.

Like any essay, a process essay is easier to write and write well if you have an outline to follow. List the points you plan to make. Once you're satisfied with the outline you can start the actual essay writing. If your outline is set out on a single page, you have all the data on view in a single glance.

After your introduction you need to tell the reader a list of the tools or items required to carry out the process you are to describe. Keep the list to the essential items only.

Then you move to the other body paragraphs and you work through the process of the activity you are describing. Obviously your instructions need to be clear and they need to be sequential. Do not waste words and certainly stick to the point.

You conclude your process essay with a summary of all the steps you have listed above.