What to Write in the School Essay Conclusion

Papers can often be a way for a person to talk about their viewpoints on particular subjects that interest them. It starts with an introduction. The introduction gives the reader an inside look into what is to come in the article. Its an overview of the work that gives the reader the insight into what the thesis is, and what main points will be talked about. The article will also have a body and one of the most fascinating parts the conclusion.

What is a conclusion:

A conclusion is the ending of a paper. It is nothing more than a summary. In order to write a summary one must have a full paper that includes a crafty introduction, and body paragraphs that fully explain out your ideas. The conclusion will draw from each of these sections to be considered complete.

What needs to be included in a conclusion:

  1. Your main thesis: Your thesis is the central idea that your paper is based around. Without the thesis your paper is nothing more than mumbo jumbo. The thesis is stated in the introduction of your paper, and referenced throughout the body paragraphs. Though it is unlikely for the reader to forget the thesis, it should always be stated again in the conclusion. This is because it is the single most important aspect of your paper.
  2. Your main ideas: Your main ideas are derived from your working thesis. They generally come from the research you conducted on the topic and/ or thesis statement. Because there are often a few, and some papers go on for several pages, it is important to note these ideas in the conclusion. You want to be sure to pull out the most important ones, if there are many included in the paper.
  3. Questions and answers: If you start your paper off with a question, it should continually be answered throughout your paper. If it is not it should be answered at the end, and be reiterated in the conclusion. Let the reader know its significance as well.
  4. Watching your language: The conclusion exist so that you can summarize the article and show that you have proven your point. Be sure to use language that evokes an emotional response to your reader. Have them thinking about different ideas they should consider after reading your article. Be sure to leave out new points that were not discussed within your essay.