How to write an elaborate Body Part of your Essay

After the introduction, the next part of the essay is the body of the essay. While the introduction starts off the essay and summarizes what the essay will be about, the body shows the details of the essay and what you have discovered about the topic, issue or how to prove your side of an argument. The body should be organized and structured and focused so you can achieve the goal of your paper.

Starting with an outline

An outline should be the first step in the essay and especially the body paragraphs. The outline begins with researching your topic and discovering what you want to achieve with the paper. The outline should use bullet points to organize the thoughts of the writer into concise, clear points and then make sure the paper is fluid and understood. After the outline is created, you have the skeleton of your essay and are ready to fill in the essay with details that follow the format you created. The format is especially important to the essay's body as it keeps your entire essay from being a rant or going off topic and losing your audience's attention.

Creating the Essay

After the formatting of the essay, it is then time to fill in the details the essay and fill in the research you have used for this essay and the proof you want to provide for the essay. Putting the research appropriately in the paper is important for the body because you want the research to not speak for your essay, but to back up your voice. Don't let the research consume your voice and be the body of your paragraph, but let it simply back up your voice and keep the quotes as simple and short as possible.

In Conclusion

The body of the paragraph can be very hard to write and can be just as important as the introduction and thesis statement. The body of the paragraph proves the point the author is trying to make and the body of the paragraph include quotes and proof of what you are trying to achieve. They give you credibility and make your essay worth reading. They make your opinion valid and make your essay detailed and specific. The body is the meat of the essay and fills the essay with proof and full thoughts, statistics and other such details.