Already Written Persuasive Speeches and Plagiarism

It is not usually easy for people to write persuasive speeches and to avoid plagiarism at the same time. This is because we need to refer to places so as to get the correct points. The correct points are best extracted from already written speeches. Care should be taken when checking on the correct points to use or important words to appear because there are some words that must be used in all speeches. Here are two ways that you can use already written speeches and avoid plagiarism at the same time.

Use synonyms

This may sound a little bit confusing but here is the explanation. Almost all the words in English are synonyms. If you read a speech that is already written and you find out that you need to use the exact word in your speech, look for another word that means exactly as that but it is different in spelling. This will help you to avoid plagiarism. Better still, you can try to frame sentences that are almost the same as the ones in the speech but you make changes in some places. This is important if you writing for the same person.

Use it as an example

Speeches that have already been written can act as very good teaching aids. Plagiarism is an offence especially if the speech is published. Instead of copying for it, you can use it to write your own speech or a use it to show other people how to write a speech. You can try to connect your sentence in the same way that the author of the speech has. Learn to come up with sentences that have original words even after referring to other people’s work. If you use the two ways given, you can avoid plagiarism and still write very persuasive speeches.