How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay

Sometimes certain events transpire for indifferent reasons, perhaps stemming from acts of God or circumstances which are beyond our control. High schools and colleges love for students to expand their brainpans and trace how certain events transpired and what rippling effects these catastrophic, or normal, events have had across different countries or societies. Writing a cause and effect essay really taps into the creative side of students and only requires two tools: an expansive mind and some ‘cause’ which needs further examination. Your paper should end up looking something like our tips below.

Begin With ‘Cause’ Outline

Obviously, you’ll need some ‘cause’, or event, which occurred to become the basis of your essay. In listing your cause, make sure you’ve scripted the title to both engage and describe your cause and effect. Some other tips when coming up with your cause outline include:

  • Write an intuitive background summary which gives the reader an idea of this event.
  • Limit the cause to actual events without mentioning personal feelings, otherwise called ‘biases’.
  • Try to follow the basic structure of theses for better presentation of your outline and facts.

Once you’ve written the basic outline of what your event entailed, you’ll need actual accounts of what happened in its aftermath.

Thoroughly Explain Effects

Everything which happens in life leaves everlasting effects which cause damages, loss of life, privilege or finances. When explaining your effects, whether positive or negative, remain factually correct and leave personal feelings out of this area much like you did with your cause. Keep these points in mind as well:

  • Organize your effects to resemble chronological order so each reader understands your points.
  • Limiting your effects to only include the obvious will avert reader confusion.
  • Make each paragraph written begin with effects instead of towards the middle.
  • End by recapping causes and effects your writings conveyed along with final closing reflections.

Tie everything together throughout the entire essay so confusion of facts doesn’t occur which would, inevitably, make your grade lower than you wish.

Every inspiring cause and effect essay will be factually sound and grab your reader from the beginning and keep them excited until the end. Make your facts sharp, factual and descriptive while sticking more towards the thesis format of writing. Finally, each paragraph should come packed with information which outlines what each effect brought to light and how it changed life around you and society in general.