The Best Scholarship Essay Topics

Perhaps the most important essay potential students will ever write will be your scholarship essay; this essay accompanies your application for acceptance into colleges you’ve chosen to further your studies. While talking about yourself may seem easy, perhaps one of the most difficult to convey messages are those which are self-purported statements of how we’ve treated or academic and social lives before the application was submitted. Although your choice of topics for your essay will be limited, below we’ve included some common starting points for those charged with writing scholarship essays.

Perhaps the most common scholarship essay topic will revolve around why the receiving college should accept you into their ranks. It may include what academic greatness you’ve achieved, your goals in life and other pertinent reasons college admissions panels reading these essays should accept your application and teach you skills. Sometimes you’ll never want anything more than this essay type.

Another common essay scholarship boards will possible asks you to write will revolve around particular setbacks, opportunities or challenges you’ve surmounted to get where you are presently. You’ll need to include the particular event, how it impacted your life and what strides were made in overcoming adversity. College advisors love seeing how people can manage crises since you’ll probably have several while in college; ineffectively handling defeats or challenges will prove you’re not ready for college.

Simply put, you could be asked to write an essay pertaining to your personal background and how you believe your life, family and other social situations in early childhood affected your decision to pursue various majors you’ve indicated having an interest in. The more descriptive you are when writing this scholarship essay, the greater your chances of acceptance into your desired college.

Finally, you’ll probably have the option of writing an essay based off your community contributions which were noticed while in high school. These goodwill gestures could include planting new trees, volunteering at local soup kitchens or cleaning up neighborhoods. There’s no reason to lie; if you’ve never done anything for your community, describe times when you’ve simply been kind to others. Honesty will go further with academic boards and your scholarship essay should only reflect honest accounts.

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  2. Write Descriptive Essays
  3. Personal Background Scholarship Essays
  4. Community Contribution Essays

Perhaps the greatest opportunity to impress professors and other academic pros will be through your scholarship essay which is required when submitting applications to universities for acceptance into their curriculum offers. The importance is remaining honest throughout your essay goes without saying.