How to come up with outstanding topics for expository essays

What are expository essays?

Expository essays simply require the students to explain a certain topic. This is the easiest form of essay writing. You have the liberty to include personal opinion and do not necessarily need strong evidence to support any stance. You do not have to convince anyone in favor of or against a particular topic. All you need to do is explain an event, place, and object, process etc.

How to write great topics for your expository essay

Writing a good topic for an expository essay is easy. You can get inspiration from your surroundings. Suppose you are sitting in the college ground, have a good look around and you will find plenty of things that can make a good topic. Write about a monument, a statue, the building, the church, a person, and your first year at school. You need to follow a plan for selecting the right topic.

  • Pick an area of interest
  • Make sure you are motivated enough for the specific topic
  • Brainstorm for ideas
  • Choose two or more topics
  • Finalize the topic

Example topics for expository essay

  1. What was the best occasion of your high school life, why you like it more than the others and what made it so special
  2. Describe the process of securing admission in your college. Include details about sports scholarships, quotas, and merit for the scholarship
  3. How to ace in your finals without having to over stress yourself
  4. What was the Halloween celebration like in your school; describe what costume you picked for yourself and why you chose it. What were the best trick or treat surprises you received or planned
  5. How to make coffee out of beans at home, what is the ideal method to make espresso without using a machine
  6. How to save enough for a vacation with friends to your favorite spot
  7. What is the structure of your house like, what do you think was the inspiration behind this architect.
  8. Why do people suffer from insecurities and confidence issues? Is it bad parenting that leads to individuals with personality disorders
  9. What is the definition of spiritualism and how to follow it
  10. What is the worst event in your life; describe what you felt and why you felt it. Also, explain the role of others in making it worse or better