Buy Essay Papers Online - A Decision That Comes With Consequences

Writing essays can sometimes be a student’s worst nightmare. There’s a lot of stress and frustration that comes with having to research and write an essay, particularly if you don’t know much about the topic or don’t particularly enjoy writing. You’ve likely heard of services online where you can buy your essays or research papers instead of writing them yourself. There are people who are very adamant about their opinions on both sides of this decision: those who are all for it, and those who say it isn’t worth the risk.

Pros and Cons of Buying your Essay Online

So how do you decide which side you want to take? If you’ve never bought an essay online before, then you should try it at least once to formulate a more educated opinion about the process. There are many good things about buying your essay online as well as potentially bad things. Below is a list of some of these pros and cons:


  • You don’t have to write the essay yourself
  • If you aren’t a great writer, an expert online can get you a much better mark than if you’d written it yourself
  • If you’re busy with other classes and don’t have time, that worry is taken away
  • If you aren’t that good at doing research, or just aren’t interested in the topic you have to research about, you won’t have to do any of it
  • If you’re teacher is picky and you’ve gotten low marks on assignments you thought you did well on before, an expert can help with that


  • You might not have your essay written on time
  • The finished essay might be low quality or not what you expected
  • You might have to write it yourself afterwards and just wasted time on trying to purchase one online
  • It might be a scam to get your money
  • Even a legitimate company will have the odd writer who will let you down

So now that you know more about it, you can decide whether to take the chance or not. Going either way comes with its own unique consequences, whether bad or good, and you just have to live with the decision that you make. Trying out an online writing service is generally considered a bad idea, but perhaps most people just don’t know enough about exactly what these companies do.