10 great ideas on how to choose analytical essay topics

Essay topics fall into one of two categories. The first is where the topic has been selected for you and your job simply is to research the topic and write the essay. The second category is where the topic is chosen by you. This article is all about some simple steps you can take to choose the best possible analytical essay topics. Remember that the choice of topic largely determines the success of your essay. Choose the right topic and your enthusiasm and knowledge will help you create a high ranking piece of work. Choose the wrong topic and your boredom and difficulty in obtaining research material shows through in your writing. So what can you do to help choose the best analytical essay topics?

  • Be absolutely certain of your purpose.
  • Know how to brainstorm for ideas.
  • Know how to evaluate the ideas you have collected.
  • Does a possible topic have lots of good research material?
  • Is the possible topic very popular with other students?
  • Can you find a unique angle in approaching the potential essay topic?
  • Look for feedback from a variety of sources.
  • Visit the library and search online for related essays.
  • Consider your future studies when choosing your essay topic.
  • Make a list of the ideas which can be discussed in your possible new essay topic.

Unless you are certain as to the reason for writing the essay and the type of essay, searching for a relevant topic becomes a tricky task. Knowing how to brainstorm for ideas is a real plus. Once you have completed the brainstorming session, knowing how to sift the ideas you've gained is another real plus.

The idea of the topic may appeal but does the topic have depth? Is there plenty of relevant research material available? Without it, you will struggle to write your analytical essay. And are you the only student who might be writing an essay on this topic? If it is a topic which many students intend to write about you might do well to look elsewhere. Alternatively, if you can find an unusual or better still a unique approach to this topic that could give you a decided advantage.

If you are seriously considering one or two topics for your analytical essay, run your potential topics by your teacher, friends and even your family. Listen to their feedback.

There may be analytical essays written on the topic you propose to use. Look online and search in your school or college library. If you find an essay or two on your proposed topic, look to see if they give you inspiration for a different approach to the topic. And do you know what you intend to be studying in the future? The analytical essay topic you choose today might help you with your studies tomorrow.

And finally, having selected analytical essay topic, make a list of all the ideas you believe you can discuss in your writing. If there are plenty of them and good ones at that, you may very well have found the ideal topic.