Interesting Narrative Essay Ideas

Narrative essays consist of your own ideas, thoughts and beliefs written down in essay format; these essays can sometimes be more difficult than we’d like to admit which is why many times we’re hiring others to writer our papers for us. Whether you write your narrative essay without help, or need that extra push for precise completion, ideas are needed so you can accurately write your essay outline. We’ve completed the research for you and thereby deliver some excellent essay ideas which you many consider when these writing assignments are becoming due soon, or if you wish for outside help.

Hypothetical Topics

Sometimes our imaginations run rampant when narrative essays have been assigned for completion. Should you wish to think outside the box, use these hypothetical topics which allow the mind to expand and place you in interesting or serious situations which one could only dream of landing:

  • If I Could Create A Time Machine
  • How I Would Run My Country
  • My Perfect Automobile Invention
  • What My Perfect Life Would Consist Of
  • My Idea Of The Picture Perfect Day

Hypothetical subjects allow our minds to step outside of normal parameters and see what our own minds could conjure when placed in certain situations, the perfect setting for narrative essays.

Experience Topics

Perhaps the easiest essays we could write are those based off actual experiences we’ve encountered in our lives. Since our essay must be original, and our life stories are individualized with no two exactly the same, these topics would work perfect for basing narrative essays off true life experiences:

  • The Greatest Accomplishment Of My Life
  • How Being In Kindergarten Prepared Me For College
  • How I Define True Love
  • When I’m Bored, This Is How I Cure It
  • The Greatest Day I’ve Ever Lived

Using your own experiences to write compelling essays are simpler than other difficult subject areas since no research is necessary and you’ve got an excellent basis for writing your outlines.

Eventually, we’ll all face the narrative essay demons inside us, having only several weeks to write our own tales. Since these essays are much simpler than other higher levels, you can learn to creatively write about things which motivated your life, changed your thinking and helped you look outside the box. Before writing your narrative essays, make sure you brainstorm which angles would suit you best.