Comparison Essay

A comparison essay compares two or more phenomena in one essay. In some cases, especially when comparing two contrasting ideas, the writer could be required to take a side or a stand. A comparison essay is one of the more common types of writing assignments a student might get. It goes beyond a simple description of facts and presenting them in a writing assignment. Normally, comparison essays will require critical thinking, comparing strictly the two ideas required to be named, and making connections between them. It requires interesting analysis of facts, and finding the relationships between the ideas, both the unique and obvious ones.

When looking for help with comparison essays, there are a few factors to consider. Looking for help can take two dimensions, one can look for help with sourcing the information, or look for help with the writing.

Help with the topic

Libraries: There are many sources when one looks for information when writing comparison essays. Libraries are the first source one thinks of when it comes to this. The brick and mortar libraries and online libraries are the easiest to access. Whatever information one needs can be easily found in the libraries.

Peers: Help from classmates or older friends, especially when dealing with topics that they have studied before, can be invaluable. One can also seek help from classmates who have writing talents.

Instructors: The teachers or lecturers who give the assignment can be a good source of essay writing help and information. Normally, when they give the assignment, they have the best ideas of where to find the information.

Help with writing

Sourcing the information might be simple but one still has to make comparisons and find connection between the two phenomena being compared. Furthermore, there are many types of approaches depending on what is being compared and the instructions given. Some essay instructions simply require comparisons, but when one is asked to compare and contrast, the approach should be different.

Books: Literature books will no doubt be helpful when looking for writing direction. They contain descriptions of the things to consider when doing comparisons.

Samples: samples of essays similar to what one wants to write can offer guidance. However, when using samples, one should be careful to look for samples from the most reputable of sources. This is especially important when looking for samples online.

Instructors: they are the ones that will evaluate the essay, so they know what to expect. They can definitely point the writer in the right directions.