Animal testing should be banned


Animal activists for decades have called for an all out ban on animal testing because of the immoral and unethical nature of the tests conducted in most cases. They have argued that these tests are downright painful and distressful to the animals concerned and using them for the betterment of human knowledge and their medicinal relief is unjustified. There is a need to assess the situation objectively and to see whether animal experimentation is essential or whether there are some equally viable alternatives. Our aim is to enlighten people of their obligation to protect animals from excessive and unnecessary cruelty in light of some of the facts that have become available.

Welfare concerns and evidence against the benefits of animal experimentation

It is seen that the fifth most frequent reason for deaths of hospitalized patients is the patient’s adverse reaction to the drug administered. Also it is found that the attrition rate of most medicines being used in clinical trials after animal testing is 92 per cent. This invalidates the process of animal testing to the extent of it becoming completely useless in the case for the betterment of the human condition. The welfare of the animals, the most important element in favour of animal testing ban, is a very big concern where wild life is caught and brought into a laboratory environment. A wild animal is subjected to inhuman distress and pain when taken away from its natural habitat. There is also the fact that a wild animal when caught and taken to distant countries for testing can sustain injuries during transportation. In view of these glaring arguments, a judgment should be passed by all the major countries of the world in favour of animal testing ban.

Legislations against animal experimentation

Governing bodies of the European Union, UK and New Zealand are using the scientific findings on sentience in all types of animals, including cephalopods and invertebrates to pass directives against animal testing. March 2009 onwards, a testing ban has been issued on finished cosmetic articles throughout the EU. Apart from EU, USA have the Animal Welfare Act and Health Research Extension Act in place which discourages animal testing. But unfortunately, another concern has been raised due to this ban which is that animal testing could be moved to countries with less restrictive legislation and this could make the condition of animals even worse.


Scientific findings have established beyond doubt the evidence of animal sentience, the ability for animals to suffer. The welfare of animals is a big concern for the entire process of animal experimentation but there is a question whether it is beneficial to humans in the long run. Research work needs to continue in this area to establish the validity of animal testing. If invalidated, animal testing should be banned forever.