Most Typical Cyber Crimes


Cyber crime refers to any criminal endeavor that involves computers and computer networks. Cyber crime involving compromisation of computer networks is commonly referred to as hacking. It persists over the computer era threatening to jeopardize computer operations. That said,cyber crime manifests itself in many different means under wide and narrow, severe and light ways. The detrimental extent of cyber crime has led to establishment of units in government security agencies to deal with the menace. Most of the concerned institutions acknowledge the potential of harm that cyber crime possesses to their businesses and government security operations.


Among the many typical cyber crimes, stalking, bullying and harassment are the most prevalent. Growth of these evil vices enjoys facilitation by the wide accessibility of social networks in the world. It has been a source of concern by many that teenagers are bullying others over the internet. Posting of cruel and obscene messages is the most common form of cyber bulling in common sites like Face book and YouTube among others. Harassment occurs in the form of other people getting access to passwords and posting information on behalf of the victim. This is a form of impersonation. The internet also serves as a platform for criminals to stalk their victims. This occurs in the event of the criminals getting access to the victim’s information. It is triggers concern regarding the safety of computer users.

Fraud stands out as another detrimental manifestation of cyber crime. It threatens to render online financial transactions unachievable. Cyber criminals often get access to personal financial details through hacking and get through to the available funds. They also strive to access website’s databases and try to obtain customers’ security numbers that can be used to take out loans or credit cards. The criminal act demonstrated by such actions is known as identity theft.

Spamming is a widespread cyber crime that affects almost every individual. Spams are unauthorized emails that are sent to a wide range of email service subscribers. They intend to lure people into giving personal information (phishing). Some spam messages are known to carry computer virusesand worms. So annoying are the spam messages that they threaten to ruin online email communication for many people.


Computer and Internet has made people’s lives easy. Unfortunately, there are those who use it to inflict harm to others. Due to the nature of cybercrime coupled with the threat potential it carries, it is worth paying maximum attention to it. The efforts initiated by computer security firms and governments can only be supplemented and stressed enough if cyber crime is to be suppressed.