Well Written Essays Are Usually Very Expensive

Have you ever hired a freelance writer or essay writer for help with a class or term paper? If so, you have probably seen how staggering the rates can be. The fee structure associated with hiring a professional essay writer can be highly demotivating, even prohibitively expensive, and turns some potential clients away entirely.

Perhaps you are so outraged by the price of a custom essay that you, too, are thinking about avoiding using such services. Or perhaps you have located a few cheaper services and are tempted to take a risk with them. Be warned, however, that well written essays are very expensive, and cheap essays are typically lacking in quality. There are many reasons for this, and many factors to keep in mind when selecting a writer to hire. Here are some factors you ought to have in the forefront of your mind when deciding on what price you are willing to pay.

Cheap Writers May Not Be Fluent In The Language

Many freelance writers working on the internet are based out of international services. In some countries, working online as a freelancer is one of the only sources of a competitive professional income. In such places, the market is absolutely saturated with people who try to package themselves and market themselves as having the requisite skills.

Many of these writers, however, are not truly prepared to write high quality English essays. They may have a formal education and may know how to converse in English, but that does not mean they have the facility of language that you might get from a native speaker. Unfortunately, native speakers of English might inhabit a different economy and job market, and may have different educational backgrounds, and therefore may charge a great deal more for the equivalent service. The resulting paper will be far higher in quality, though, so it may be worth the expense.

Expensive Writers Have Expertise in Academia

In addition to having fluent and well developed English skills, expensive essay writers are often academics with advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines. These writers are topic specialists, and can write much more challenging papers and produce work that is far more dense with ideas than a writer who has only a Bachelor’s degree. If you are looking for someone to write a biology essay, you may be better off hiring an actual PhD in biology, rather than hiring a cheaper writer who studied communications in college and did not pursue postgraduate education. It may seem unfair, but expertise costs time and money to develop, so it must be rewarded with higher pay rates.