Essay Writing Ideas: how to collect your Thoughts

A highly significant factor contributing to successful essay writing is contemplation. Contemplation in context of essay writing is to think on the topic and its content. Contemplation in essay writing means that you are collecting your ideas about the topic in your mind and also accumulating your knowledge with the help of which you will write the essay. You make an outline in your mind and also you decide that how your structure of the essay will be. There are ways on how you can collect ideas on the essay in your mind.

  • What does the topic address?
  • The first thing to be seen while contemplating on a topic is to see - What does the topic exactly say? There is always a course of ideas about a topic which it reflects. You have to find out that course of ideas. Ideas about a topic also vary from person to person. But there are also topics which are very clear on what they are addressing. For example topics like global warming and others which address some societal or global problems. There are topics which demand on your own opinion on the topic. Also every topic has a lot of tendency to make you able to say it in your on way.

  • How do you think about that topic?
  • After finding out that what does the topic say, the second thing that you need to find out is that what you think about that topic? In other words, you have to build up or find out your own opinion. It is better if you do not fake the opinion. The opinion must be genuine. That is how you will be able to write about a topic with strong arguments.

  • Set your opinion:
  • As I said, when you think of your own ideas about the topic, you have to set an opinion about the topic. Once you have set that opinion, the next course will become easier.

  • Build arguments for that opinion:
  • You must then build arguments to support your opinion and see hoe strong those ideas are.

  • Justification:
  • Those arguments will work as a justification towards your opinion or thesis statement. That is what counts the most when the whole essay has to be seen as a whole. The strength of ideas or arguments will determine the strength of your essay. So always build strong arguments for your opinion. If you do not have so strong argument, then leave that opinion or topic.