APA Formatting Applies Not Only To Your References

Many students make the mistake of thinking that APA is just separate form of referencing from Chicago or Turabian referencing. This is not the case at all. APA papers must adhere to a specific format on every page and conforming to these rules is not as difficult as what some students may think.

The general format

  • Always use a size 12, Times New Roman font
  • Make sure there is a margin of about 2 centimetres on each side
  • A space between every line should always be present
  • Every page should have a header which includes your page number (on the top right) and your name & title on the left.

The title

APA format dictates that you dedicate one page to the title, but don’t let this throw you into a creative frenzy. Be very conservative with your font type and style and don’t try anything too elaborate like emboldening or underlining the title. Also include your name and school name under the title.

The abstract

Page two will be your abstract which contains a 200-word summary of your paper. Feel free to write this section last as this will make your paper easier to outline.

The introduction

Your main content starts on page three, separated from your title and abstract. Your introduction will contain a number of paragraphs giving some background to the reader about the subject matter you’re endeavouring to research. Keep it shorter than the next two sections, but not too short so as to leave anything important out.

The method

This is the second three part section of your main content where you will attempt to discuss the procedure of your research. Method’s of experimentation or analysis will encompass notes on the actual research. This part of an APA paper is usually the longest.

The discussion

The results of the research and a synopsis of any consequences related to the outcome are recorded in the discussion section of your APA assignment. Be sure to mention a conclusive (or inconclusive) finish to your research.

The referencing

APA referencing must be meticulous so make sure you don’t leave any sources out. It’s advisable to take copious notes during your research program so that all sources are given due credit. Aim to include at least one source for every two pages in your reference.