Writing A Good 5 Paragraph Essay

Anytime during your collegiate or high school tenure, writing essays will be imminent for graduation of particular classes. These essays are feared because of difficulty or uncertainty of where to begin writing these essays accurately. By definition, an essay simply writes expressively about anything which forms an idea, stakes claims or offers conceptually interesting thoughts while being supported by researched or self-purported statements backing your claims. We offer these tips in writing a good 5 paragraph essay for class.

Begin With Captivating Introduction

Every five paragraph essay needs an enticing introduction which lays the foundation for your paper. Your inevitable goal will be capturing reader interest and keep them strung along until the bitter end. Avoid writing with boredom, extreme sarcasm or anything not factually provable. Other ideas you need to consider include:

  • Avoid writing like you’re bored; keep the tone exciting.
  • Don’t begin your essay with ‘In this essay’ as this will definitely bore the reader.
  • Properly introduce your topic within the first paragraph.
  • Script sharp thesis sentence which will expressively annotate your opinion or make some claim.

Keep Body At 3 Paragraphs

Each paragraph should open with your main idea and supporting claims and beliefs. Make the remaining sentences supporting statements which actuate your previous thesis. Moreover, continue your three paragraphs of factually correct statements while using these tips for improving the tone:

  • Make each statement count by leading into the next sentence through transitional wording.
  • Try to write conversationally; in other words, keep an educational tone yet with zest.
  • Always support claims by adding evidence preceding each sentence written.

Draw Your Conclusion

The sharpest paragraph will definitely be your conclusion as this wraps the previous four paragraphs into one nice package. Once again restate your theses and what ensuing facts were presented along with your final statement of closure which should leave your reader with something to ponder. As with all five paragraph essays, make sure to go back and edit while keeping proper indentation as instructed. IF your deadline is approaching, get in touch with online service, a legitimate custom paper writing service.

In Closing

Five paragraph essays begin as early as 7th grade and will continue throughout college; therefore, mastering the proper style and presentation of facts should be your primary objective before writing your essay. Since you have such little time in five paragraphs to expand on ideas presented, you’ll need to keep sentences succinct, factually correct and supportive of previous sentences while always using transitional statements like ‘simply put’, ‘for this reason’ and ‘likewise’ to bring the essay together.