Why is it Impossible to write a Good Essay without a Clear Thesis?

The purpose of an essay and thesis is to acknowledge and discuss a given theme. The thesis that you are assigned to is a part of the curriculum that tests students on their ability to focus on the subject and talk about what they have learned using evidence and structure. Like any book, movie or television show – you must write using a consistent theme. Although an essay is not a story, it should be based off of one conclusion that you develop from either studying or researching a subject.

A clear thesis is how you will develop the entire essay. By creating an outline before you begin to write, you can build topic sentences and body paragraphs that are in support of the thesis you design. If you did not have a central idea, the paper wouldn't make sense or draw to a conclusion. If you have already been assigned to one by an instructor it is then your responsibility to make the writing relevant to the subject and purpose.

How to Make the Thesis Strong

Because a thesis is the foundation of your writing, you'll need to feel strongly about what you are presenting to the audience. This will depend on the subject, what you have been studying and what you find most relevant to the material. The most impacting way to write the essay is by selecting information that you find most intriguing so that you can use it to make a strong point. It's likely that if you find it interesting, other people will continue reading.

Ensure that the thesis abides by the instructions that you have been given in class. If it is supposed to be a persuasive or argumentative paper, you'll want to approach it differently than if it were an informative essay. Half of the grade that you receive on the assignment is based off of how well you can follow directions. You'll need to possess a thorough understanding of how to structure the writing, build a thesis and support it throughout the paper. After you thoroughly understand the format and the topic, you can then be creative with the content.

Clearly, it's impossible to write an essay without a thesis because there wouldn't be a central idea. Even if you are not well informed on the topic, you can do research based on the theme you have been assigned to. There are ways to build the essay as long as there remains a central theme. Organization and content must be consistent and it is key in performing well on the assignment. When you see the purpose in how you format a paper, you will then understand why it's important for your education, ability to argue and prove a valid point. The more that you practice and work with essay styles, the more you will understand their significance in making a thesis statement and backing it up with research and factual information.